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23rd May 2013
Win a Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone!
Grab one of the world's most advanced smartphones.
S. Marchese from Blackburn, winner of the Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone
"Thank you so much - I enter hundreds of competitions a year and am so pleased that I have won!!"

09th May 2013
Win a 2012 Apple TV!
Just plug it in and discover a whole world of films, TV programmes, photos, music and more.
G. Mccallum from Ullapool, winner of the Apple TV
"That's amazing. I never win anything. Thanks very much for selecting me."

12nd July 2013
Win an iPod Shuffle 2GB!
Tiny, stylish and easy-to use, this is the perfect way to bring music with you.
C. Murray from Benfleet, winner of the iPod Shuffle 2GB
"This is amazing, thank you."

18th November 2011
Win a Sony Bravia HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview!
Grab this hi-tech 32" TV to enjoy HD and Freeview in your own home.
Tim C from Ipswich, winner of the Sony Bravia HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview
"I am gobsmacked to be a winner at last."

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